Application for Placement on List of Approved Contract and Appointed Indigent Defense Counsel

Rural County Application

The application for placement on the list of qualified counsel for Rural Counties is below. In accordance with NRS 180.430, the Department must maintain a list of qualified indigent defense providers. This list will in turn be used by counties for selecting or indigent defense providers. The link provides an online application. (All Rural Counties excludes Washoe County and Clark County)

Questions? Please contact:

Peter Handy, Deputy Director
Department of Indigent Defense Services, State of Nevada
896 W. Nye, Suite 202
Carson City, NV 89703
Office: 775-687-8490

Clark County Application

The application for placement on the list of qualified contract and appointed counsel for Clark County is attached below. Susan Bush is the Appointed Counsel Administrator for Clark County. Fill out the application and review the preferred qualification form below and return to:

Susan Bush
Director Office of Appointed Counsel
500 S. Grand Central Parkway, 6th Floor
Las Vegas, NV 89155
Phone: (702) 455-3362

Washoe County Application

The Application for placement on the list of qualified appointed counsel for Washoe County is attached below. Please send a complete Application and a copy of your resume to the Washoe County Appointed Counsel Administrator, Patrick McGinnis. The Washoe County Indigent Defense Committee decides who qualifies and who will serve on the attorney panel. Qualifications for certain areas of law are listed within the Application and were determined in accordance with Nevada Supreme Court Administrative Order ADKT 411.

You may contact Patrick McGinnis directly with questions, and please return the application and requested documents to:

Patrick McGinnis