Meetings and Agendas 2023

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Meetings and Agendas 2023
Public Hearing for the Adoption of Regulations of the Board on Indigent Defense Services and Regular Board Meeting
01:00 PM
BIDS Agenda 110223Final Minutes for November 2023 8.3.23 Draft Minutes NOTICE OF INTENT TO ACT UPON A REGULATIONNAPD - Understanding the National Workload StudyNational Public Defense Workload StudyOrder Adopting Supreme Court Rule 49.5Introduction and Explanation of New Form of ReportSummary of Quarterly Report Fiscal Year 24 Quarter 1FY24 1st Quarterly Report - CarsonFY24 1st Quarterly Report - ChurchillFY24 1st Quarterly Report - DouglasFY24 1st Quarterly Report - ElkoFY24 1st Quarterly Report - EsmeraldaFY24 1st Quarterly Report - EurekaFY24 1st Quarterly Report - HumboldtFY24 1st Quarterly Report - LanderFY24 1st Quarterly Report - LincolnFY24 1st Quarterly Report - LyonFY24 1st Quarterly Report - MineralFY24 1st Quarterly Report - NyeFY24 1st Quarterly Report - PershingFY24 1st Quarterly Report - StoreyFY24 1st Quarterly Report - White PineMotions and Trial Count Fiscal Year 2024 Quarter 1Staffing and Private Workload Fiscal Year 2024 Quarter 1IFC Memo 1IFC Memo 2 Pay ParityOversight Visits Fiscal Year 2024 Quarter 1Executive Summary Weighted CaseloadRural Nevada Workload StudyFY23 ReimbursementsFY24 Q1-2 Training SynopsisAccess to Justice Oversight ReportRequest for Submission Davis Tenth ReportDavis 10th Monitor Report
Public Meeting of Board on Indigent Defense Services and Regulatory Workshop
01:00 PM
08032023 Agenda Workshop Notice and Small Business Impact Statement 07172023 08/03/2023 Final MinutesFY23 4th Quarterly Report April 1, 2023 - June 30, 20239th Report of the Monitor9th Report of the Monitor : Request for SubmissionExecutive Order 2023-008AB 454AB 518Proposed Workshop Regulations LanguageCombined Workload Assessment Model Rural Attorneys SpreadsheetsHourly Rates Comparison of Nevada Counties6.16.23 Draft MinutesStorey County-REVISED DIDS Plan with DIDS editsStorey County Recommendation for Corrective Action Plan with DIDS revisions FY23 Fiscal Reporting
Public Meeting of Board on Indigent Defense Services
09:00 AM
6.16.2023 Agenda6.16.23 MinutesDraft 2.2.2023 MinutesDraft 6.7.2023 MinutesDavis Eighth ReportRequest for Submission Davis Eighth Report2023 DIDS BillsAnnual Reports by County 2023FY23 Third Quarterly ReportUpdated County Plans 2023PILA AwardAnnual Report 2023Soval Solutions Final Products and Recommendations 6-13-23Final 3rd Quarter Reporting Maximum Contribution
Public Meeting of Board on Indigent Defense Services
08:00 AM
6.7.23 Agenda6.7.23 Final MinutesCarson City Corrective Action Plan 5.31.23Tentative CCPD BudgetUpdated Carson City PlanCarson City Public Defender's Office SalariesCarson City Public Defender's Salaries 2023
Public Meeting of Board on Indigent Defense Services
10:30 AM
4-13-23 Agenda Canceled
Workshop and Public Meeting of Board on Indigent Defense Services
01:00 PM
2-2-23 Agenda2.2.23 Final Minutes2-2-23 Notice of Workshop1-1-13 Small Business Impact Statement for 2-2-23 WorkshopExecutive Order 2023-003Regulations of the Board on Indigent Defense ServicesRecommendations for Possible RemovalFY23 Quarter 2 ReportDraft Minutes December 8, 2022Executive Order 2023-003 Initial InstructionsLetter from O'Melveny & Myers LLPDIDS Governor's Proposed Budget FY24-FY25Fiscal Year 22 Reimbursements to DateFiscal Year 23 Reporting to Date