Board of Indigent Defense Services (BIDS)

About the Board

The Board of Indigent Defense Services ("Board") was created by NRS 180.300 within the Office of the Indigent Defense Services ("Department") and consists of thirteen voting members. The Governor may appoint up to two additional non-voting members.

Each person appointed to the Board must have significant experience providing legal representation to indigent persons who are charged with public offenses or to children who are alleged to be delinquent or in need of supervision; demonstrated a commitment to providing effective legal representation to such indigent persons; or expertise or experience which qualifies the person to contribute to the purpose of the Board or to carrying out any of its functions.

Current Board Members

Dave Mendiola
Laura Fitzsimmons

Vice Chairperson

Allison Joffee
Susan Bush
Joni Eastley
Chris Giunchigliani

Lorina Dellinger

 Kate Thomas
 Jeff Wells
Harriet Cummings
Jarrod Hickman
Joe Crim

Angela Cook

Justice A. William Maupin (Retired)
non-voting member