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Temporary Regulation of the Board were approved on January 28, 2021. The Temporary Regulation became effective March 5, 2021. This page contains guidance for the creation of county plans for indigent defense services as required by NRS 260.070.


County Plans for the Provision of Indigent Defense Services

Carson City- Not Yet Submitted
Churchill County- Not Yet Submitted
Clark County Plan
Douglas County- Not Yet Submitted
Elko County- Not Yet Submitted
Esmeralda County- Not Yet Submitted
Eureka County- Not Yet Submitted
Humboldt County- Not Yet Submitted
Lander County- Not Yet Submitted
Lincoln County- Not Yet Submitted
Lyon County- Not Yet Submitted
Mineral County- Not Yet Submitted
Pershing County- Not Yet Submitted
Storey County- Not Yet Submitted
Washoe County Plan
White Pine County- Not Yet Submitted

Template for Plans of Indigent Defense Services

The Board approved the County Plan for Indigent Defense Services Template February 24, 2021.

Board Approved County Plan Template

County Plan Template Appendix A includes examples that may be used as additional guidance: (1) the Nevada Supreme Court's template or "Model Plan" used for urban courts in ADKT 0411, In the Matter of the Review of Issues Concerning Representation of Indigent Defendants in Criminal and Juvenile Delinquency Cases, ADKT No. 411(Model Plan, June 24, 2008); and (2) Ninth Circuit's Model Plan for Implementation and Administration of the Criminal Justice Act.

County Plan Template Appendix A

Template or Model Contract for the Provision of Indigent Defense Services

Per the State's agreement in Davis v. Nevada, the Board must provide a standardized contract for indigent defense services based upon the National Legal Aid and Defender Association's ("NLADA") Model Contract for Public Defense Services (Feb. 2000). Although the Stipulated Consent Judgement calls for a standardized contract, the agreement also recognizes variance based upon local needs. Section 42 of the Temporary Regulation provides the required terms of any such contract. On February 24, 2021, the Board approved a Template or Model Contract for the Provision of Indigent Defense Services that incorporates the required provisions and the NLADA contract to be used as guidance in the creation of indigent defense contracts.

Board Approved Contract Template

Contract Approval

County Contracts for the provision of indigent defense services must be approved by the Executive Director (or a designee) prior to execution. Please send all contracts, prior to execution, to and in the subject line please state "Contract Approval."

County Quarterly Financial Status Report

A county seeking reimbursement pursuant to Section 19(1) of the Temporary Regulation of the Board of Indigent Defense Services must submit to the Department a financial status report certified by the board of county commissioners or its designee no later than 15 days after the end of each quarter.
Quarter 1: July 1 - September 30
Quarter 2: October 1 - December 31
Quarter 3: January 1 - March 30
Quarter 4: April 1 - June 30

County Annual Report

Pursuant to NRS 260.070 (2), the board of county commissioners of each county with a public defender or which contracts for indigent defense services shall provide an annual report to the Department of Indigent Defense Services on or before May 1 of each year. This report must include any information requested by the Department concerning the provision of indigent defense services in the county and must include, without limitation, the plan for the provision of indigent defense services for the county for the next fiscal year.

The Board of Indigent Defense Services has extended the deadline for each county's initial plan for the provision of indigent defense services until September 3, 2021. However, DIDS is requesting that by May 1:

  • Each county submit expenditures for "indigent defense services," as defined by NRS 180.004, for FY20 using the Financial Status Report. 
  • Each county submit the annual report from the public defender(s) which covers all cases handled by his or her office during the preceding year.

Application for List of Approved Indigent Defense Providers

In accordance with NRS 180.430, the Department must maintain a list of qualified indigent defense providers. This list will in turn be used by counties for selecting contract and panels of appointed indigent defense providers. Attorneys employed, or seeking employment, by county or state public defender offices need not apply. The link provides an online application.

Application for List of Qualified Contract and Appointed Counsel

Contact Us!

We are happy to provide individual assistance to each county in creating plans and contracts for indigent defense services. For any questions, or if you would like to schedule time to review a plan, contract, or both, we may be reached at:

Department of Indigent Defense Services
896 West Nye Lane, Suite 202
Carson City, Nevada 89703
(775) 687-8490